Martin Luther King Jr Day Events Atlanta

Martin Luther King Jr Day Events Around The ATL

Are you wondering, like me, what events are going on around this great area of North Atlanta Georgia on January 15th 2018, Martin Luther King Jr Day? I wanted to take a look and share resources so you too can enjoy what should be a cold yet sunny day around the ATL !

The AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) Online website resources for Events to honor Martin Luther King Jr. (11 Events) – VISIT Atlanta celebrates its Heritage – VISIT

The King Center –VISIT

Located at 449 Auburn Avenue, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30312


The Weather here around North Atlanta GA is expected to be Sunny with a low at 29 degrees in the early AM and then reaching to 40 degrees by the afternoon. One of the best weather days of the week, by the way.
Enjoy Your Day in the sun celebrating A Great Man That Made A Real Difference!